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Social media’s presence in business has made it a cake walk now a days. The influence which social media has on current business scenario is impeccable. As we are living in the world where we have around 3 billion active members in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp and Pinterest. Which has created the awarness about the magnificent role which social media plays in current business scenario.

Advices for the betterment of the business should be taken with considerable care. Tripanto, here has set the benchmark with the best set of employees who are customer possessed, skilled enough to tackle the challenges in SMO industry, and the ability to take the right decision at the right time. As far as SMO is concerned it’s about how, when and where are we making use of the social media in our business.

Let us now touch key factors which can usher in astonishing result if required attention is given.

Page Traffic

This is one of the important factor which helps to bring your business reach the pinnacle. Page traffic is nothing but the number visits to your page. Number of visits to the site matters a lot as the conversion to business happens here. As mentioned before most of them are active in social media now a days. The Tripanto team has some unique ideas which can be applied to improve the page traffic which has been tested successfully.


As the term represents these are the number of customers who keep an eye on your activities in social media. As per the latest survey Facebook and Instagram are the two effective Social Medias where people peep into every 30 minutes. Which proves that the user or followers go through your business details which will obviously have a positive impact on your business and a good number turns into regular customers. Tripanto here has played a chief role by having a separate team who can completely and explicitly focuses on this area. Which justifies Followers are customers and customers are the back bone of all businesses.

Likes and Views

The look and feel of the first pages obviously decides the likes and the views of the page. Just as Facebook profile picture or a stunning Instagram pictures increases the number of likes and views. It’s quite simple to increase the number of ‘likes’ and there by the response from customers end if you follow some simple tricks. The Tripanto team has a spectacular team which can assure the number of likes (reasonable) which you desire.

On Time Clearance

Have you ever bothered about the number of messages in your Inbox which you haven’t given enough importance to or have you ever thought of replying to messages as quickly as you receive. Some may have and some may not have. But as per the statics most of them do not. Mark our words, this is one of the most important area which you should give tremendous amount of attention as it plays a crucial role in the rating of your page. Even if it’s a simple ‘hi’ reply as quickly as possible as the average response time is calculated based on the time taken to respond to the message. So maintaining commendable average response time is very important.

In a nutshell, a well-planned and a well-structured supervision of your page is mandatory to maintain the standard of your page.

SMO service from Tripanto includes both paid and Organic Optimization for following major social media platforms

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