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And each year, new trends and technologies shape the environment that web developers find themselves in. One year is marked by static websites, another by mobile responsiveness, and another still by chatbots. The impact of this is immeasurable but well, no one can actually know what 2k19 is going to be, yet we can predict it by the upcoming challenges an industry may face and which technology will be a boon and make the work a cake walk. As no one has the time to keep a closer eye towards the daily changes, Tripanto is here to bootstrap you & give you a list of upcoming trending web technologies. So, what’s next?? Let’s see what surprises are in the bag of coming New Year?

As per our vigorous research, it's been proved that the technologies which will take over 2k19 is are, whoosh!!! Here it goes


Many will have a question, why Python when we have Java?

You may not know but python has been super popular in a very little time though it has led its roots long back but with time it has grown considerably in years. The point that it’s not a complex language is important, which makes it different from Java. Java is sexy but Python is like a new upcoming super-hot Model. The strength of any programming language depends on the areas in which it is used. Java and Python are the best languages for the purposes, for which they are used. If you want simple syntax and readability then it's better we opt Python. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java & 5-10 times shorter than C++. What else reason do you need to go for Python?

Big corporations like Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia and IBM all use Python. In fact in 2013, among programming languages, Python had the largest, for example, year-on-year job demand growth of about 19%. Web developing with Python provides lots of choices as python has an array of frameworks for developing websites. Coding a program in Java & PHP that takes hours can be done in minutes in using Python.

So it can be said with time Python will be considered as a one-stop solution for developers and in our near future, we will know its feasibility.

Advantages of using python and Django in Web Development

  • Python code is best for writing prototype
  • codes in Python can be integrated with other programming languages
  • Endless resources and extensive librabry
  • Django is the high-level framework of python (I love to code in Django)

Takeaways for Developers:

"I would suggest all the folks over there start learning Python and Django, it’s just a matter of a month or so to grab it. Updating yourself as per the technology is the key to succeed in your career"

Takeaways for SEO

Consider to learn basics of python and Django, maybe in future, you want to deal more with python websites. And you will be astonished to know that Django is super friendly for SEO and search engines


If you dunno lemme tell you what actually the power of "Wordpress" is??

So here we are to know the most famous giant on the internet, WordPress. Let’s get started; Basically, Wordpress is initially built to write blogs but nowadays it’s a most popular open source Content Management System (CMS) based on PHP and MySql. It’s used by approximately 75 Million websites & it’s free to install. WordPress can be self-hosted, so there are no costs associated with downloading, installing, and upgrading. There are more than 50,000 WordPress plug-ins (often free), such as slideshows, contact forms, SEO optimization, etc. WordPress is popular because it meets the demands of many users with its flexible framework, which allows designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications. Coupled with user-generated extensions, websites are no longer limited by enterprise extensions.

Our team has experience extending WordPress functionality, as well as incorporating a wide range of plug-ins, to meet our clients' unique demands.

Takeaways for Developers

If your clients are from western countries like the USA, Canada & Australia. Then it’s highly recommended to learn WP. As 90% of will be from WordPress (personal experience)

SEO Takeaways

Easy to do on-page. But beware of plug-ins as 60% of WordPress plug-ins are harmful to SEO.


As the name says Angular JS is something related to JavaScript. Angular JS nowadays has been evolved as a technology using which you can develop the client-side web application. AngularJS is a structural framework for dynamic web apps. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend HTML's syntax to express your application's components clearly and succinctly. AngularJS's data binding and dependency injection eliminate much of the code you would otherwise have to write. And it all happens within the browser, making it an ideal partner with any server technology.

Why Angular JS?

Lemme list down some of the main reasons

  • Supports Routing and Templates in a better way.
  • Uses MVC architecture.
  • Angular JS uses much of its code own, which restrict developers to write more code.
  • Excellent in creating Single Page Applications (SPA).
  • All objects used in Angular JS are Plain Old JavaScript Object(POJO), a function is used for ignoring those extra getter and setter functions.
  • Follows a Structural Dynamic framework for developing applications.

Takeaways for Developers

I would highly recommend everyone to learn it as it provides the capability to create a single page application in a very clean and manageable way. It provides data binding capability to HTML.

SEO Takeaways

All SEO's knows cloaking: showing one version of the page to users and another to search engines. Does it sound Black Hat? But no, Google has confirmed. The Middleware like pre-render crawls webpage and execute all javascript files and delivers cashed Angular pages to users.

Its an best opportunity guys (Hidden SEO Tips) ----> Ping me for more details


Artificial intelligence is something everyone’s familiar with, it’s nothing but the intelligence of a machine that works and reacts like a human. Such as Apple's Siri, it’s a form of weak AI. Strong AI, also known as artificial general intelligence, is an AI system with generalized human cognitive abilities. When presented with an unfamiliar task, a strong AI system is able to find a solution without human intervention. Now itself we are so much dependent on the AI that even imagining a life without it will be more like a nightmare. We’ll be considered a privileged era to live in this technology advancements.

It is taking a place of a human, as it does the work 10 times more efficient and perfect comparatively to a human being. The days are no far when it’ll take the shit out of a man’s life. So you can actually figure the future significance of Artificial Intelligence. The introduction of AI brings an idea of the error-free world. This technology will slowly introduce in the entire sector to reduce human effort and give accurate and faster result.

What important role does Artificial Intelligence play today?

  • Efficiently used in banking and financial systems
  • Playing a vital role in schools and colleges
  • An important feature in medical field
  • Prominent role in security systems etcetera

It is a way to reinvent a new world full of AI where the human race may be extinct. As it is said with every great invention, there is always some risk. But apart from all this, we can make sure there is no way for the fall of AI as it’s the future of the world.

Takeaways for Developers

I think improving UI/UX is the current AI of web development. Don't waste money in studying AI (AI is nowhere using for web development in the world except Japan). In India, we are using only a few tools developed using in AI

SEO Takeaways

Improving USER experience is KEY. But SEO’s got best AI-based tools like answer the public, after etc.…...strike on it fellows.


Earlier the data centers were used to be premises where they used to store the data in the physical space which used to be huge rooms for servers and hard disk. But now with the rapid development in the world, some huge companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google cloud store has come forward and assured to store our data in a much secure way. Trusting on these big shot companies we transfer our data to keep it secured. Cloud computing relies on sharing of resources to achieve coherence and economies of scale, similar to a public utility.

Hence we can actually say that yes! This is the future of technologies as it’s the greatest boon for the safeguard and storage of data. Keeping data on-premises was once considered the safest way to go. Now, however, moving data outside has turned out to be an opportunity for substantial bottom-line growth, and enhanced business agility for new products & services, and time to market. In addition, the cloud can offer the opportunity to offload operational security administration such as patching, log reviews, user administration, device administration, back-ups and so on. The cloud can also bring about a reduction in the number of human resources required for operations, security, audit and compliance functions. In essence, the cloud is very attractive for those that are accountable for IT value optimization and maximization.

Hope, this is all we've got in 2k19 as part of web development. We can think of some new inventions in this upcoming new year which make us go bananas with capitulate capacity to attract the giant companies with their flawless features. If so Tripanto is here at your service to keep you informed about the top-notch web development technologies.

Takeaways for Developers

  • Cloud computing is cost-effective, pay only how much you use
  • Cloud computing platforms provide with a stack of solutions that can ease and speed up your development cycle
  • Easy to handle API using cloud computing

SEO Takeaways

Hey, smart SEO's out there; think about hosting website and large files on the cloud. Definitely, it's going to speed up your site as website loading is the major ranking factor. Backup function, reliability and security.

Love From Clients