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The outbreak of COVID-19 and its speedy trespassing over human life has already taken a toll on the entire world by now, scientist and experts are still speculating how long it will take for the spreading to stop, quarantines to be lifted, and when people can finally return to live their normal lives.

For now, no one knows how many people and countries will be affected by the outbreak.

Until then, there’s a lot of uncertainty and the digital marketers are no exception from this harsh reality. The global economy has already felt the blast of the outbreak affecting millions of entrepreneurs, industries, and organizations.

Many huge companies are shutting down their businesses in the wake of this pandemic leading to loss of profit and income. Of course, in the vast majority of cases, these companies have withdrawn from their advertising and marketing schemes especially digital marketing. Companies won’t be able to pull this off for long and this will lead to a greater financial crisis.

Professionals speculate that the virus will cause businesses to lose several hundred billion dollars. Layoffs in a few companies have already commenced. All in all, it is estimated that this pandemic will cost a staggering 2.7 trillion dollars for the global economy, and worse affected are digital marketers since they are losing both conversions and traffic.

As Businesses are crumbling down clients are not resorting to Digital Marketing Agency as they are lacking the funds to pay them. The minds of the customers are engulfed with the fear of losing their jobs, shortage of daily essentials and saving themselves from the clutches of the virus, in such grave situation pulling the customer attention towards any product or service is a severe challenge.

Industries such as sports, hotels, travel agency, e-commerce, multiplexes, retail, are worse hit, however, government websites, healthcare websites selling face mask, sanitizers, baby products, and news website have seen a rise in traffic

If the client is offering a product or service that at this moment is an essential needs commodity than the possibility of digital marketing strategies to deliver a positive outcome is likely higher, as the search results may go high too. Many digital marketing experts have suggested that email marketing or mobile marketing can be a good way to remain connected with the lost customers, sending them emails or messages to extend the companies support can reinforce a positive image of the brand in customer’s memory.

As it is a crucial time companies should avoid hard sell or promote special covid-19 packages that looks like making a business out of a sensitive issue. Rather the digital marketing strategies can focus on soft marketing techniques that are mindful and positive. This long gap in the business may make break the network you have build with your clients, so try to stay connected with them in the initial stages and eventually analyze the situation to build upon business deals.

Using interactive content is 70% more effective in connecting with the customers than static content. Digital marketers for their clients can also use AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) to enhance customer experience by modifying it in a soft manner considering the current situation.

In such times of challenging difficulties businesses or clients as they approach their digital marketing teams, the marketing strategies should prioritize the needs of the customers and the safety of the employees. The brands that remain wise and do not panic only thinking of profit will undoubtedly bounce back more quickly in the market as the Covid-19 pandemic situation retreats. Till then keep your digital marketing efforts critical, sensitive and focus on lean methodology.

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