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Keyword ranking plays an important role in altering the position of your website, where your site is ranked in search engine and the impact it creates on your web traffic, lead generations and conversions, etc. to a great extent is determined by keywords. Using the right keyword not only gives a higher edge to your website but creates a link between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to fill that need. People look for products, goods, services, and zillion other things on the internet and the first thing they do is type a keyword phrase in the search box and the core idea is to target the user through the specific keywords. Now that we have understood the importance of keywords which in turn helps to enhance keyword rankings and gives an additional edge to your business or website. But what remains one of the biggest concerns is when keyword rankings drop drastically and affect the overall traffic which requires an immediate reaction.

Now that we have understood the importance of keywords which in turn helps to enhance keyword rankings and gives an additional edge to your business or website. But what remains one of the biggest concerns is when keyword rankings drop drastically and affect the overall traffic which requires an immediate reaction.

So let us see some of the reasons what causes the Keyword ranking to drop

1. Google Penalty

If you realize a sudden drop in your website ranking it can be an indication that Google is penalizing your site. If your site continues to rank on other search engines like Yahoo or Bing, this is an almost sure sign that your website is suffering from a Google penalty. Immediately fix the problem and get your penalty removed. Try to connect with Google and look for notifications from Google in your console account. The best way to avoid this penalty is to remain in compliance with Google guidelines.

2. Redesigning the Website without proper Re-Directs

If you are launching a new website, migrating to a new server, or doing any structural change to a site, it is important to have a proper re-direct plan, otherwise, it will lead to drop in rankings. Without a proper re-direct link, the notice to a search engine that a page, several pages, or your entire website has been moved will not reach the audience, and they will not be able to visit your new address. If re-directs are given properly it will not let the ranking to drop nor will you get penalized for duplicate content as the search engines are indexing both your old and new web address.

3. Using the Correct Keywords and Content

It is often important to make sure that the keywords you are using for your website are relevant and not outdated. You need to think beyond traditional keywords and use trending keywords that can give an extra boost to your website traffic. Keep the content fresh as people will not stay on your site for long if the content is not interesting and it will reduce the number of likes and shares. Update content regularly with appropriate keywords, or instead of creating a new guide every time you can update the old content with new data.

4. Website being Hacked

In an SEO - focused hack hackers will try to change the content of your site, change the links to your website or add new links, change the web address that completely affects the way Google indexes your site. When the website is hacked the keyword ranking gets affected drastically resulting in the site being de-ranked or removed entirely from Google search results. The hackers can also add malicious code to your website, hackers will often implement redirects, which send users to another web address leading to phishing scams. In some cases, hackers will even try to replicate your website, tricking your users into sharing sensitive information.

5. Back Links being Missed

It is always important to keep a check on back links as broken or missed back links will make it difficult for the users to find your site, which affects in dropping of rankings. You need to determine where those links are coming from and why they are broken. You need to check if you can either remove, replace, or retain them and each link should be checked individually to determine your next steps.

6. Better Content Published by Competitors

In the business of SEO, always it is important to keep an eye on your competitors. If your rankings are dropping a tough competition from your competitors is one of the main reasons. You need to analyze what new changes they are making to their site in terms of content and keywords. You also need to analyze and monitor their social media activity, link building strategies, and content marketing tools. To stay up in the business of rankings it is important to understand the tactics of your competitors as it will help you to plan your strategies better.

7. User

Experience Being Crumbled- You must make sure that the users can smoothly navigate to your site. If your visitors have to click too many times, or if your site page is too slow in loading the visitors are likely to leave. Have a well-structured internal link strategy and smooth navigation that boost your rankings also leads to user retention. Using keyword rich internal links will generate more traffic to your site and help your rankings better.

8. Google Algorithm Update

Google is always trying to improve and update its strategies and results. If you see a sudden drop in your rankings it is due to algorithms updates and changes coming from Google. Thus it is always good to have a cross channel marketing strategy and channels such as social media to keep your rankings safe and a good traffic flow to your site.

There is no shortcut to increase your website traffic and attaining high search engine rankings. But knowing the reasons that cause your rankings to drop will always help you to stay alarmed, and plan better to protect your rankings. To get the best results a bit of expert advice can take your business or website to great heights.

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